Thursday, March 27, 2014

My flight leaves in three hours and forty-three minutes.

Because I'm happy....

When will he send anything back?

I should really cycle more often.

                                                    With an umbrella it's fine.

I don't need to do anything, the wind pushes me forward.

                     If she wont find this paper soft enough, she should buy it herself.

                                             Must find out which herbs would best suit roast pheasant.

Lets start the new schoolyear.

Hope I will get the job.

Why would she do that?

Did I really say that?

Maybe I should sign up at an online datingsite.

The strength of the light is incredible.

When I actually stopped believing in leprechauns?


What shall I make for dinner?

                                                                   Shall I do it?

                                                        I am stronger then the wind.

                                                How far would it be till the park?

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