Friday, May 22, 2015

                                   Yeah, asparagus and avocado with a little watercress...             


                                                   Yeah, I know for sure now: I locked the door.

                   And he keeps thinking I'm going to tennis cause I like it, but I do it just for him... 

                                  Who is behind the system of this traffic, a computer or a human being?

                                   Ha, a Suzuki Swift, glad I don't have to ride in that one.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

                                               But what if I don't pass the examns....

                                                  Wish I just never made that choice.

                                               He lets me see the world so differently.

                                                This pool game is mine.

                                          Nothing wrong this weather, people just complain too much.

                                           Next year I will be probably this big!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

My flight leaves in three hours and forty-three minutes.

Because I'm happy....

When will he send anything back?

I should really cycle more often.

                                                    With an umbrella it's fine.

I don't need to do anything, the wind pushes me forward.

                     If she wont find this paper soft enough, she should buy it herself.

                                             Must find out which herbs would best suit roast pheasant.

Lets start the new schoolyear.

Hope I will get the job.

Why would she do that?

Did I really say that?

Maybe I should sign up at an online datingsite.

The strength of the light is incredible.

When I actually stopped believing in leprechauns?


What shall I make for dinner?

                                                                   Shall I do it?

                                                        I am stronger then the wind.

                                                How far would it be till the park?

Monday, March 24, 2014

The world is so illogical.

But everything is under control.

                                          Nobody knows what I have been going through.

                                                     Would I be able to cycle like this?

                                                              Hm, still no answer.

Hope I will be in time for my yoga class.

                                               When did I actually oil my chain for the last time?

                                                           Hope I wont fall.

  When I am older I will be a model and I will go to Hollywood then.

Molly and Cooper will be so happy to run freely.

Dreaming to be a restorer of old paintings.

                                           I can cycle just as fast as daddy.

Let's see if I can improve the record of yesterday.

                                        Grandma is the only one who truly understands me.